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XinLeHong Toys is big Remote Control Car factory Xinlehong toys brand is a brand that focuses on high-speed remote-controlled racing cars. The car models launched by this brand occupy a large sales market in the market. The style and performance of the car are loved by many RC enthusiasts. Its earliest model 9115/9116 sold very high in the market, so it later launched other new models, such as xinlehong 9125/9135/9136/9137/Q901/Q902/Q903. Since then, the sales volume has been very high, and the market response is very good. Because the products of this brand are very popular, there are a lot of passenger cars about them in the market, and many other big sellers customize from the factory and use their brand logo, but the cars are actually the same, just the brand name different, We can supply all car models and accessories of this brand. If you can't find what you want, please contact us through our email.
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